Chris Ryall is the Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, a San Diego-based comic book and graphic novel publisher. He is also an Eagle- and Eisner Award-nominated comic book writer/editor, having created ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS and GROOM LAKE, and written such comics as CLIVE BARKER'S THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW; DOOMED; SHAUN OF THE DEAD; BEOWULF; WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, TRANSFORMERS comics and a children's picture book; and a prose short in CLASSICS MUTILATED. COMIC BOOKS 101, his first prose book, co-written with Scott Tipton, was published by Impact Books in 2009. In 2010, ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS was optioned by Sony Pictures for feature-film development with producer Michael Bay. Previously, Chris served as Editor-in-Chief for filmmaker Kevin Smith's Web venture, was a corporate speechwriter for American Honda, a creative executive with Dick Clark Communications, and an advertising copywriter.

His current comic book projects include a project with Joe Hill and Stephen King, a ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS prose anthology, and a company-wide event, INFESTATION 2 in early 2012.